My First Blog: The Doorway to Professional Learning Communities

I was given a class assignment to start a blog. I had no idea where to begin or what a blog was. So I “Google it”.  After reading the definition, I felt less intimidated. I became interested in what a blog looks like so I searched the internet, and blogs from the class Optional Resources, for instructional design blogs and located three for review. They are as follows,


My first review was Nicole Legault’s blog, Nicole’s blog is all about eLearning in various areas of education including instructional design. If you are looking for another way to understand Robert Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction, look no further. Nicole Legault has provided us with an infographic, similar to her PAF Model for instructional designers. It’s simplicity gives you a clear understanding of how they work so that learners will be able to understand the process.

The second would be Tom Kuhlmann, Tom’s blog focuses on key elements of Instructional design and elearning courses that help people learn. His blog is designed with a series of posts that are formed like Q & A’s on how people learn and how the learning design can be applied.

And the third would be Shauna Vaughan’s blog, This is a very informative blog on instructional design (ISD) and related fields. Shauna Vaughan’s blog focuses on training and the expectations of an instructional designer that you will learn by reading her many posts on the subjects. her blog will give an insight on other design products that may be useful for ISD.

While studying instructional design and technology, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to other learners in the field about what a instructional designer really do on the job. I was given text book answers; the same answers that I got from my reading assignments. But what I really wanted to know is that when I receive my masters in Instructional Design and Technology, what will be the expectations of an employer who hires me to do the job. What is the job?  The blogs listed above helped me with my questions and many others. The one in particular that I believe that I will follow as an ongoing resource will be “The Learner Advocate.” The blog site has up-to-date informational posts for instructional designers that will help you to learn what is new, what works, and is expected in the field. I believe that this site will be viewed on a regular basis, along with the course materials, for a clearer understanding of the job of an instructional designer.


2 thoughts on “My First Blog: The Doorway to Professional Learning Communities

  1. Denise – Thanks for sharing these resources. I also found Tom Kuhlmann’s blog to be helpful and included it as a listing in my response for class as well. After visiting your first resource, I’ve added it to my subscriptions and will be reviewing the details. Thank you for sharing these resources.


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