Evaluating and Identifying Online Resources

There are two websites that I would like to review regarding this week’s class assignment topics.  The Information Processing Theory and Problem-Solving Methods during the Learning Process are the two topics and the sites are listed below.



The first site gives brief sectional information of George A. Miller’s Information Processing Theory. The first section discusses “two theoretical ideas that are fundamental to cognitive psychology and the information processing framework.” Miller gives us two concepts, “Chunking” and TOTE (test-operate-test-exit) (Miller 1956). Millers idea is that “short-term memory could only hold 5-9 chunk of information….” Also in this section is TOTE proposed by Miller, Galanter & Pribram (1960). “The TOTE concept provided the basis of many subsequent theories of problem solving (e.g., GPS) and production systems.”

The second website Problem Solving covers problem solving as a kind of thinking. Such as “directed thinking (which is problem solving) and undirected thinking (such as daydreaming).” Thus, “thinking is a broader term that includes problem solving as a subset of thinking (i.e., a kind of thinking, i.e., directed thinking).” The two websites that I reviewed are informative site that should be as references to future learning in this field of study.





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